Sabertooth Omega red synergy; bleed chance

MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 653 ★★★
Hi team,

I use 4/55 sabertooth as back up to Omega... But I've always felt that his 30% chance to bleed on basic claw hits, doesn't feel even remotely close to 30%..

So I just took him against WS and then CM with what's left of his health had the following, no specials thrown, so no other source of bleed, only mlllm combos.

309 hits on WS
57 bleeds
134 hits on CM
14 bleeds

All combos were mlllm. I'm assuming the first medium is not a claw hit as it is a kick? All the other 4 are definitely claws out.

If I allow for the first medium not being claws, that's 20% bleed chance. I've checked it again and can proc bleeds on every attack except the first medium.

Can we get clarity on this? Is it actually 20%?
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