Thing bug

Please tell me if anyone else has had this problem. With the thing hela Angela and champion synergy team I have died a few times and the regen has triggered and the indestructible hasn’t, can someone please tell me why.


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    edited June 2020
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
    It worked for the other fights
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    Lion101 said:

    It worked for the other fights

    You need champion synergy.Hela and Angela is synergy is just for Regen.
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
    I know
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,471 ★★★★★
    I’ve had it a couple times, it just flat out doesn’t trigger at all, happened in rol, mainly vision so no aar is in effect
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
    It happened on vision for me as well
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    You need to get hit to trigger indestructible ... if the killing blow comes from secondary damage or DoT, you will just die... you can easily try it against the UC or Master Tigra boss. Don't hit or get hit and let Life transfer kill you. Indestructible will not activate.

    So, in the cases above, Vision must have killed you with his power burn.
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
    No he didn’t, I’m careful about this stuff when playing thing but thanks for telling me
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
    Also the regen triggered and then the indestructible didn’t, then I had to die to trigger the indestructible.
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    I think it's just not guaranteed to work in that order, like 4/5 times it does tho.
  • Lion101Lion101 Posts: 159
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