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Uncollected help

4dlai4dlai Posts: 182
Hey there if you have become uncollected please help a brother out
I just finished 5.1 im at 5.2.1 right now
My team is capiw warlock sunspot doom corvus nick hyperion guilly 2099 ghost and omega red all max 4* i also have hiemdall for the synergy 5* r1 any advice?


  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 158
    Worst quests are 3, 4 and 6. You preferably want to save 500 or above units for quest 4 and 5. Your team should handle most of the quests.
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,396 ★★
    Buffet shouldn’t be a problem with warlock even though his armour up buff gets consumed at the start of the fight
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,396 ★★
    And masochism as well
  • FlashSpideyFlashSpidey Posts: 48
    The hardest quest in 5.2 is 5.2.4 aka Lines in the Sand aka OH GOD not masochism. It is very difficult but OR will greatly help you out. I'll talk more about it in third paragraph. Keep in mind I don'tknow about some of your characters. I don'thave NF, Ghost, Doom, Corvus, or Sunspot :( . I also don't have that much experience with Warlock or Guilly 2099. Because of this, when I mention characters it will only be the ones I know about, despite you having several other equally good, if not better, champs.

    The first 2 quests are power shield iirc. It shouldn't be too hard. Specials deal huge amounts of damage while your hits deal none. A character like CAIW should help a lot. Just get some kinetic charges from blocking then use sp2. It can be a lot of damage. 5.2.3 is buffet. Whenever you get a buff, it is taken away and the opponent heals. Don't dex because that gives a precision buff. Just don't bring in Hylerion because iirc his power gain will only heal the opponent. I'll talk about 5.2.4 next paragraph. The last 2 quests are bane, which, imo, is kinda fun, at least compared to 5.2.4 lul. It is all about timing. When you hit them, they will start degenerating. If they hit you, you will instead much faster. If you don't get hit, after a certain time,, the bane degen will switch to you, dealing a lot of damage. So it is all about timing. As soon as the bane switches, you want to hit your opponent. This means sometimes waiting after parry till right before it runs out or using a special near the end of the timer. The best characters to use are ones with longer specials. For example, OR sp1 and 2 are bith pretty long. If you use it right before the bane switches, even if you have to go a tiny bit early because of combo, it should work. With that being said, you might want to check about a character such as Hyperion. His sp2 should be great for it but as for sp1 I don't know if lasers switch it or not.

    The way it works is if the opponent gets a debuff they purify it and heal. This means they heal on parries and aren't stunned. For most characters, learning to backdraft intercept will be a huge help. When you get there, practice on the yellowjacket then take the left path starting with Deadpool iirc. Now, OR will be a huge help because of death spores. Once you get some amount, I think 10 though it could be less, you can parry freely and give debuffs. Just stay close and keep up those spores. That will allow you to play normally.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,692 ★★★★★
    With those crazy champs maxed I doubt you will see much issue. Just read the nodes and be patient with bane. Ghost can handle 5.2.4 if you are decent playing her
  • Aayush19Aayush19 Posts: 94
    edited June 28
    Corvus smashes 5.2. 4.. Dont worry. You'll make it easily. Just get him those 2 charges..
    Corvus smashes collector too. Dont worry about people saying you'll need 1000 units. I had 6 revives in stock. And bought one more using 40 units.. So i spend just that much on 5.2.6. You might be needing a team revive if you get knocked down during the path.. Lots of guys to fight there.. But overall its fine. You have every great champ as a 4* max. Good luck! Once you do 5.2.4, with overflowing confidence, go and hit 5.2.5.easy!
  • manan_44manan_44 Posts: 165
    Your overall team is great but I would suggest bringing a champ which doesn't trigger debuffs especially for 5.2.4 masochism. I used iceman and kept using sp2 since they only trigger passive frostbite. Also, sentinel would be great. Lastly, have at least 2 double immunity champs warlock is awesome and you may need another one like iceman or sentinel.
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 1,833 ★★★★
    The first three quests are relatively easy. For 5.2.4, I would suggest using omega because at 10 spores, they cannot purify debuffs so masochism will not trigger. Bane is annoying, but it is all about timing and practice
  • WindsnrosesWindsnroses Posts: 10
    If you have sentinel go for 5.2.4 caltrops path. There is very nice synergy of G2099 with sentinel. Dex thrice and spam SP3, you literally do not have to do anything else. If something goes bad revive sentinel again with 20% revive and he can regen to almost full again.
  • 4dlai4dlai Posts: 182
    Thank you so much my dudes
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