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Mail Msg - Ending Date for Modok Calendar ?

This isn’t a “why am I missing a day”. (my pics below, I know I didn’t update until 1 day later, as soon as previous month quests actually ended, prior to later that evening when claimed 1st day)

Rather, reading the recent MAIL MSG carefully, it says we have until morning of JULY 2nd (THURS, 3am Pacific) to pick up final Modok “Ticket”.

First, rather strange cutoff for claiming calendar item, sort of implies the WED Evening (July 1st) roll-over can claim another Modok day (even though you wouldn’t have a full 24 hours to do so before it vanishes).

But even then, the last day to claim is supposedly 2 days before that, on MONDAY Evening, JUNE 29th. Giving you 24 hours to claim up until it disappears on TUES Evening (June 30th, before 5pm Pacific or 8pm Eastern-NY).

Kabam, what's up ??? Was Mail Msg wrong ?


  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 5,261 ★★★★★
    Agree that it looks strange with July 2 3am PDT time to obtain Sample Collector.

    I will complete the 28 items on 30 June.
  • Thx.
    And even if they intended that to mean that is the cutoff to RUN the Modok Island Quests (which do have that daily time switch), and not to actually collect anymore from the Calendar...

    It still seems to be extending the running of the Modok quests for another full day after the new month's stuff kicks in.
    Seems to say it will still allow another day's Modok Quests to start 10 hours after the midnight GMT monthly changeover time, and so ending 34 hours after that monthly changeover.
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