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Hi, guys, something really horrible and sad to me happened today, it was that I lost my best champion, four star archangel. He was a rank 5 level 16 or 17, and I JUST got an awakening mutant sig and used it on him. I then used all my sig stones to get his level to sig 26. but now, when I checked back, he was completely gone from my roster. MY BEST CHAMPION, completely gone, I couldn't find him anywhere! because of that, I wasted 8 tier four catalysts, 3 tier 4 class catalysts and a ton of other mats especially modok coins and sig stones. KABAM, can you help me recover him? Maybe I was hacked or something.
@Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Lyra Please can you help me get him back? There is a good chance I will quit the game if I don't get him, it's nothing personal. Just that act 5 will be almost unplayable for me now, and there is no more point in playing. pleeze hellpp :(


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    and could you reply privately?
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    So.. if this was really all that tragic.. you'd think maybe contacting support (you know, the people who can actually help) would be the first step..
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    @Chaoscauser they cannot help you with this on the forum. Please contact Support directly to get help for individual account issues. You can do so by tapping the gear icon in the upper lefthand corner of the home screen in game. Then tap the green 'Support' button. Then find/fill out the appropriate fields and submit a Support Ticket. Or just tap the link below. Hope all goes well for you!

  • Hey Chaoscauser, I'm sorry to hear your account may have been compromised. If you haven't already, please review THIS article.

    If you have any further questions or concerns about this topic, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team for assistance. As mentioned above, you can contact them by clicking HERE.
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