Disadvantaged Heroes [DH] – Recruiting - AQ Top 600 - 4800+

Alliance name: Disadvantaged Heroes (TAG: DH)
Website: www.d-heroes.com
LINE ID: slux83 / IGN: slux83
Rating: 10 Million and Growing
AW: Tier 2 Rewards
AQ: Map 5 (expert top 600)
Drama Free!!

You can join the Interview Room directly from here!

If you are an active player who wants to be in an awesome alliance that is rapidly growing and that doesn't punish members if they cannot play every event, this is the right place for you!

What is our goal as an Alliance?
  • To have FUN!
  • Play smart.
  • Focus on quality not quantity.
  • Group like-minded players.

What do we offer?
  • A warm community environment with strong comradeship.
  • A website to display alliance and player info as well as providing lots of useful guides.
  • A very active alliance that strives to reach every milestone in all daily events as well as working hard on Completion and smashing SA every week!
  • Chat using the LINE APP to communicate with all your friends and fellow alliance members.

What are we looking for in the new players?
  • 4600+ Prestige.
  • 1+ 5* rank 4/55
  • Ability to run Map 5 with minimal items.
  • Download the LINE APP from the Apple or Android store and connect with us.
  • No drama or egos!

Why do you need to use the LINE APP?
  • We operate as 8 alliances (so far) with all being a part of the [DH] alliance family.
  • All alliance members are expected to communicate and be aware of our strategies.
  • We aim to rank highly in all alliance events and our plans, strategies and best practice are discussed via chat.
  • So the LINE APP is very much needed to join our alliance.

Thanks for your time! And don’t forget have fun, this is a game after all!


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