Matchmaking Temporarily Disabled

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We enlisted in war about 2 hours ago and matchmaking was supposed to start 17 minutes ago but instead of matchmaking this came up. Anyone else having the same issue? And why has it been disabled?

Edit: I was made aware that my time on when matchmaking is supposed to start was wrong, so NVM that part. But why was it disabled?


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    They canceled this war so they could get the season updates in
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    They announced this when they updated war.
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    Game Announcement (here and in game mail) mentioned NO WAR on the normal Sunday defense day today.

    And you could not have Enlisted for this war, because Enlisting has been disabled for last couple days, knowing that there was not going to be a way today. It was not allowing enlistment several hours ago when I went in for final attacking on war that just ended).
  • Thank you for the help on this, gang.
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