TRENDING: Champs who counter/punish basic attack mechanics???

I really didn't notice but some friends have recently pointed out that many newer champs combat basic attack actions. Not including specific buff-node combos or unavoidable damage. Their Examples:
-Guilly99: ML Combos
-Moleman: hitting into blocks
-Mojo, Tigras, BWDOrigins: SPs that "screen travel" pushing wall cornering.
*Also, many champ designs that require/hugely benefit from heavies which require block/chip damage. (Cull, Colossus, etc)

Not saying there are no counters or way to avoid some of this not that Kabam shouldn't design these, it's their game & in business to make $$$.
Have u noticed a trend or similar designs or is this nonsense?

TRENDING: Champs who counter/punish basic attack mechanics??? 15 votes

I've noticed these trends of...
MSRDLDpseudosaneAburaeesUser_BanedPlsCarry0nHagureMeijin 5 votes
I haven't noticed this or think it's an issue bc...
Hammerbro_64UmbertoDelRioYcatsAceOfDiamond 4 votes
I've noticed other issues with...
Thanks_D19 1 vote
I don't care but gonna vote anyway.
Anonymous346TheDuke899lowlevelplayerPybruhAgent_22 5 votes


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,395 ★★★★★
    this is, in my opinion, a good thing. This adds some variety to the gameplay instead of just doing the same combos every fight. This makes you play differently against these champs, adding some thought to the gameplay in terms of team composition and other things.
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 910 ★★★
    I've noticed these trends of...
    Red Skull and Killmonger punish you for hitting into their blocks. That’s nothing new.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,468 ★★★★★
    I haven't noticed this or think it's an issue bc...
    I like it simply because it requires skill to overcome and not a specific counter. Realistically, G2099 Moleman and screen travelers can be countered by about anyone, even though some champs certainly make it easier. As much as I really don’t like fighting Moleman, I enjoy that direction for defenders.
  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,425 ★★★★★
    Imagine if none of the basic mechanics of the game were challenged in any sort of way. Every single champ could be effectively dealt with in the same way with almost every champ. Stagnating the core concepts to stay the same is unhealthy for the game overall as there would be no need to think of how to play, but only tap the screen rhythmically repeatedly rinse and repeat.
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,292 ★★★★★
    I don't care but gonna vote anyway.
    colossus benefits highly from parry, heavy, but he also has very high block proficiency and lots of armor as well. He's taking very little chip damage.
    Cull with guardian synergy might actually make him semi-viable.
    if you get used to them, long distance specials aren't too bad
    for moleman, is it that hard to either bring an unstoppable counter or just not hit into block?
    G99, its only a 15% chance. Either prepare to miss, or just heavy the whole fight
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