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Wrong rank up bundle

i am uncollected but i received the 4 star rank up bundle instead of the 5 star rank up bundle. Please fix this.


  • Nightbeat78Nightbeat78 Posts: 27
    Nevermind. For some reason the 5 star rank up bundle showed up 20 minutes later than 4 star bundle.
  • PImpDaddyPImpDaddy Posts: 12
    I'm Cavalier ,and this happened to me too
  • SantySanty Posts: 18
    I been getting offers that belongs to proven people and am uncollected.. i have missed out on some good offers because u guys have given my wrong rank up offers... check my in game profile.. mr. ST
  • SantySanty Posts: 18

  • SantySanty Posts: 18

  • SantySanty Posts: 18
    Can u please correct it and send the right offer... just do that i don't need no other reply please....
  • DoubledashDoubledash Posts: 29
    I’ve got the same man and I am cavalier.
  • CiciliatoCiciliato Posts: 301
    Both options are avaliable. I reloged and the 3k offer show up
  • TripleBTripleB Posts: 125
    I’m cavalier and I was offered the 4* offer. No thanks.
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