Map 5x5 AQ Ally, 220-240 Mil weekly Points LF 1 Map 5 Experienced player to join us.

I am looking for an experienced map 5 player with a prestige of 9k or higher to join our Map 5 Ally. We score between 220-240 million each week in AQ and are trying to push to that next milestone of 250Mil hence why i am looking for a prestige this high. The player that is leaving us is a 9.2k prestige and i don't want to lose too much. I am also looking for this experienced player to be US or Canada based because i need someone that will be around during the 1st and 2nd section of when AQ begins. If you want to participate in War we ask you have enough of a roster of 5 stars rank 3 or higher or 6 stars rank 1 or higher to place defenders.

We are a Team First based Alliance. Teamwork, Team Events always come first before Solo Content. Although we o not put any Minimums on Alliance Events for X-Men use, Summoner Advancement (we do try to hit 500K each week) or stuff like that. We ask that you Communicate very well and are active. We also put our work life, family life and friends first before the game because after all it is still a game. We all have the goal to progress and become better, stronger and gain more rewards but not at the expense of making the Game feel like a 2nd job that you have to do. You pull your weight and work together with your teammates and everything will run smoothly.

if you are interested please hit me up on the Line app as it is the only means ot reach me and is a requirement to be a part of the alliance. my Line ID is zbot34.

Take care all and thank you for reading


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Currently looking for 1 player to join my team. I just was informed by a member of my Alliance that he was leaving mid AQ to join a different Alliance that was recruiting him. So I need to fill this open spot before AQ day 3 begins at 12pm PST tomorrow. If you are looking for an Alliance and have map 5 experience with a prestige on your profile of over 9k then please hit me up on Line at zbot34
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