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    share with the class your war rating and number of bgs so everyone can pile on.
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    Kabam don't care about alliance rating.

    It is all about the war rating, and that is why you see lots of alliances join shell alliances with low war ratings to get super easy fights.
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    matched in strength
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    0/15 Impossible to complete.

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    Lol you think that’s unfair you should see the match we got lol. 3k difference in prestige. I won’t post the alliance or my alliance but we got the lucky draw on this one.
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    we are 17m rating and facing 30m alliance. let the post coming
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    Aleor said:

    Looks fine, your war rating is pretty close. Why exactly are you not happy?

    Why you think we should be happy?
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    Sorry, first couple matches will be painful while the system corrects itself. There's been extensive posting about how the prestige based matching system was very unfair for alliances with high prestige. This is the only way to correct it and return everyone's war rating to what it should truly be. If an alliance experiences unfavorable matches a few times in the beginning, it's because their war rating was higher then it should have been due to a flaw in the previous matching system. Things will even out soon as alliances find their way to an accurate war rating relative to their strength and experience.

    Kabam should figure out something, losing was shouldn't be the only way.
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