[UPDATED 11/9: 16:07 PDT) Regarding Gold from Skirmish Rewards and Issues in Arenas

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As many of you are now aware, there was an issue with the Skirmish Rewards awarded after the close of an Alliance War. The large amounts of Gold that were awarded also caused other problems with any area of the game that required Gold as a cost. This includes Arenas and Ranking Up.

We are currently working on pushing a fix for the rewards, and looking into a fix for all knock ons that are caused by this issue.

During this time, there are a few things that all Summoners should avoid doing:

- Opening any crystals that can award gold. This includes Daily Crystals, Gold Crystals or Arena Crystals. You may wish to avoid opening any Hero Crystals, in case of Duplicate Champions. You won't be punished for opening crystals or duping Champions, but we want to make sure that you still get the gold you are meant to get from these crystals.
- Donating Gold to your Alliance Treasury. We are not yet sure of what will occur after the issue is fixed.

We have seen some concerns from players over this being observed as an exploit, and the implications it can have on your account. While we are not yet sure what actions we will be taking, it should be noted that this is not at all similar to the situation that occurred not long ago with a bug that was clearly much more exploitable. The case where this become "exploited" is by excessively donating to your Alliance Loyalty, although this is not an exhaustive list.

We are most likely going to take back the extra gold that was awarded, and will also likely be taking this from Alliance Treasuries as well.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience, and are continuing to work on fixing the issue. We will keep you all updated as we make progress.
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