Sabretooth Update - Coming Soon


The following change to Sabretooth's kit is coming soon:

Sabretooth will now have a Cap of 30 Permanent Passive Fury Effects, at a time. He can still gain Fury buffs, or other Fury effects from nodes or other interactions, but the permanent fury effects he receives from his kit will never exceed 30.

This information will be reflected under the Persistent Charge portion of his abilities:

"At the start of the fight, if Sabretooth has a Persistent Charge, he consumes one, re-activating up to 30 of his Fury effects that were active at the end of his last fight as permanent Passive Fury effects."

This is a number that is feasibly higher than Sabretooth is capable of gaining with his base kit right now and still gives him the potential to be a very potent attacker, especially with synergies.

We do not have an ETA for this update yet, but are working as fast as possible.


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