Two fight selection UI suggestions

Man_BatMan_Bat Posts: 327 ★★
I quite like the new fight selection UI but there are two inconsistencies I'd like to mention with the hope of having them addressed:

1. The main menu still shows a count badge for new content/information, however the UI itself does not reflect that. Adding badges to the individual options would help provide consistency.

2. Navigating forward and backward through some of the fight screens should be consistent. For example, navigating to Realm of Legends looks like this forward: Fight > Special Quests > Realm of Legends, but navigating back goes: Realm of Legends > Fight, i.e., it misses the Special Quests screen. Missing screens in the backwards navigation that are part of the forward navigation is the common inconsistency. It would be a complete and nicer experience if those inconsistencies could be addressed.

Thank you!
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