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Please revisit Incursion Tier Requirements

Dear Kabam, please revisit the Incursion Tier requirements to make it fairer for middle rank players, and for better matching.

I've just opened my 8th 5star crystal and automatically promoted to Tier 2. But at my current state and resources, I only have 1 better ranked 5star champion. I don't have the resources (catalysts and iso) to rank up most of them.

Being promoted to Tier 2, I can only get reward for sector 5 and 6. Sector 6 dont give any 4star shards and way too hard for middle players like me. Sector 5 was OK, i can't go far but still OK.
Sector 4 is still the best for middle players.

With that I would propose kabam to change the Tier 2 requirements to maybe 15 5star. Tier 1 maybe 30 5star or something like that.

Or perhaps open the 5* Incursion crystal in the store for tier 2 players and not only tier 1 players.

Maybe tier1 is way too easy for those high end players and too difficult for those who just got promoted.

Since you are reworking incursion with additional stuffs like firewall and no cool down if someone quit the 1st zone before completing, would be great if you can revisit the tier requirements as well.

Thank you for reading till the end.
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