Summoners, the Necrosword Crystals (the crystals in the Knull Cavalier Preview Bundle) currently have a higher than intended drop rate of 6-Star Champions.

We will be leaving the crystals as is for the time being, but will be correcting the drop rates before Knull receives his official release on October 28th. To ensure that this does not affect anybody that purchased this preview bundle, we will be auto-opening these crystals before that date, but this means you will not see what you received. To avoid any confusion, please open your crystals yourself ASAP.

Cloned app

nothing will happen if I play on a cloned application? I have two accounts, it is very inconvenient for me to constantly log out and log in from one account to another


  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 766 ★★★★
    If it's a modified sdk to make it work as an independent app then probably not
    Many have a second account, why KABAM not allow to save at least the user name?
  • KingKiahKingKiah Posts: 192
    If you’re on android use Secure Folder
    It allows for two apps and both are independent and it’s built into the phone

    That’s what I use and haven’t had any issues in the years I’ve used it since I also have 2 accounts
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