Some personal opinions

Hello to all developers and fancy community of MCOC.

I found some interesting ideas which may improve the game a little bit.
There are 3 sections below:
New features, Visuals and a suggestion for New mechanics for a new character.

New features:

T4CC exchange in Crystals section fix:
I find it horrible to give 3 specific t4cc for a random one. My opinion is make it more clear for example for each 3 t4 of skill, we would be able to receive a t4 cosmic. If it is impossible for you guys, then make it 5 for 1! Sometimes our stock is full with every t4 but a desired one.


AW placement phase visual fix:
Please make a countdown for remaining time of placement phase for AW just as it is for attack phase.

Loading icon of solo or alliance event:
It is not important but I think the loading when we claim our rewards spin in reverse. Lol

Loading screen suggestion:
It have been in my mind from a long time and this is how it is: If we are going to fight against Nick fury, then a nick fury wallpaper is shown before the fight which will let us know who we are about to fight and it prevents the repetitive loading of each monthly wallpaper that will turn out to be boring and useless. You can even make the background unique so it will show that we are in AW, AQ, event or story quest!

New mechanics for a new characters:
Create a new character which doesn't have medium and heavy attack! Make it unique with only light attacks which requires pure skill. For each attack we need to be precise about timing and perform the attack on a right moment otherwise we will get hit. Sp1 enables medium and sp2 enables heavy (maybe change it so there will be no medium and heavy). Light Attacks should be hard and push back the opponent. Imagine medium or heavy! It will push back opponent much further and almost close to wall.
It is brief and I think you guys can add better features.

After all I hope it you liked it and the most important thing is a big thank you for your time!

Good luck and take care!


  • Reza72Reza72 Posts: 4
    I forgot to mention one more thing:
    Please improve Arena rewards just like how you've done with dungeons (Incursion)
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