Uncollected arena crystal

So....they are alive for us receiving billions of gold as a bug, but dead for us spending millions of battlechips on #NO5*PUNISHER crystals.
wield huh?


  • They may think that it is saving them money not giving out compensation for that. I personally don't think that is necessarily the case.
  • Le_Marv_8Le_Marv_8 Posts: 84
    Honestly, these days,particularly with the imminent 6* champs, this game has fallen deeper and deeper in the category of too much effort to be fun. Point being, the arenas to get 4* (which ill soon be as prestigious 3*s) take up a lot of time and effort. You open up crystals (like the one OP posted on) and you get gold which is quite BS (I've open 10 crystals and get only gold-what luck, THANKS Kabam!) and you open the grandmaster crystal and constantly get 3*, PHCs give you 2* (such JOY, perhaps I can beat chapter 5 with them 2*s).

    I think Kabam should revise the direction their taking or if thats not possible be kinder to it's players. At this rate, MCOC is fast becoming SS Titanic. An iceberg is just over the horizon.
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