Connection failling

It's the third time already, that I star a
fight and the game goes down. It wouldn't that much of a problem if by restarting the game I could just begin the fight again, I'm doing story mode, so I should do it, but now the game is behaving as if I was at War, and everytime the game breaks down, the opponent comes back full health while my champ is half a bar of life, now please explain to me why this is fair?


  • OpandemonioOpandemonio Posts: 126
    I'm either having to restart the whole mission or use potions, which is not fair since I'm at the begining of the mission
  • WestBrooklyn_21WestBrooklyn_21 Posts: 70
    Maintenance never fixes this issue. Connection problems have existed forever and mysteriously never occur during arena fights for me...but always seem to happen during AQ/AW when it costs me to recharge my champ. Why is this issue never addressed
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