My Irrational Fear (not a novella)What device do you guys play on?)

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Fact: I am unable to purchase a new device to play this game on, and boy oh boy do you need a good device to run this game. Another fact for you guys, I am playing on an old iPad (one from 2013 I believe). And as of right now, in case you didn't notice, they're is the biggest summoner appreciation calendar in existence. So, put two and two together, and you create a "worrywart". I pray and pray to the Kabam Gods that in the next 2 updates my device will still be able to run this game and I do not miss out on those juicy rewards... Im not to sure if this is rational or not but I am to lazy to do any research whatsoever and will make this post with hopes of gaining many marvel game discussion points
Edit: What device do you guys use?


  • SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,827 ★★★★★
    iPhone X
  • Moot4LifeMoot4Life Posts: 2,132 ★★★★

    iPhone X

  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,298 ★★★★★
    combination of ipad air 2 and iphone 8
  • MoeyTehrMoeyTehr Posts: 200
    Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I love it!
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    Usually a current gen (7th?) non-pro iPad. It runs pretty well, but the formatting is TERRIBLE. It's like kindergarten giant pencils. The icons are huge. And you can only see four champs per row.... but it runs better than my Samsung s7.
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    I use an iPhone XR and a 5th or 6th gen iPad. As the guy above me said, the formatting on the iPad is terrible.
  • sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 125
    Samsung Galaxy A20. Not the best as at times, the game freezes during fights for a short time. Only issue I have with this app on the phone. Do plan on upgraded soon.
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Anonymous346Anonymous346 Posts: 661 ★★★
    iPhone 6s, probably the lowest iPhone the game actually works on
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