Constant Game Outage

Hello Kabam team, as we are all aware the past two and half, almost three days now, the game has been unplayable. It is all good and well you keep informing the community of this. But you need to also put a timeline to manage expectation on resolution time. You all are aware of the losses to the players, from AW, Quests, daily login calendar, monthly Sigil which as you are again aware costs money, and for me personally Arena's which I know I will not make the cut off for the prizes. Please can you kindly update your Social media platforms with relevant and up to date information, not just a blanket message left on the website that you know there is a problem, we know that already. How will all these factors be considered, such the backlog of daily quests for catalysts, Arena cut off's, AW, etc....

Please advise accordingly.
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