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I could play with cell service today but I can not play more than a few minutes over wifi just keep logging me off is this happening to anyone else??


  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    now losing my champs in aq due to this connection issue and I know it's the game because every other app and website works fine you should just cancel aq and what about aw tonite?? i probably wont even be able to place my champs. I know you guys are trying but it's been 3 days and its still a pile of ****. please guys you must work harder give the workers raises pay off whoever you must bribe cheat steal idc just get it fixed
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    This is exactly what is happening to me.
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    i still cant play more that five minutes without getting kicked smh I've played for years and spent thousands and it doesn't seem like anyone is concerned with this wifi connection idk just frustrated it's been a week of garbage with no end in sight btw you should of already started giving out a 1st compensation with a 2nd and even a 3rd after it's fixed cause the game mail still works fine
  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,640 ★★★★
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    What's weird for me is my main account works perfectly on a Kabam email login, but if I logout and try to login using the Google Play account for my alt then things don't work and I can't finish a fight in AQ and it keeps having connection issues.
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    @snizzbar thats weird I'm kinda the opposite today my Google account works 90% of the time still few connection issues but my kabam account is horrendous can play more than a few min still
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    It's hard to get a sense of how widespread this issue is because the threads keep getting closed.
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    My in-game chat doesn't work either. Anybody else have that issue too, aside from the disconnects?
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    @palates yup my game chat also doesn't work. i cant even pm anyone on my friends list and since my alli doesn't use line it has been a nightmare smh try running alli with no communication
  • Kraybone99Kraybone99 Posts: 18
    I have two accounts. One under Google Play & the other under Kabam. Both have the same issues. I can't finish a SINGLE fight without the "connection error" Popping up at the end of the fight. Costing me health in AQ and I can't even complete the Sasquatch side quest. I have an Android/Samsung
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    I'm on Android too. I'm in East Central US. Wondering if this might be a load balancing problem. Anyone else in this area having this problem?
  • Kraybone99Kraybone99 Posts: 18
    @Palistes I'm on Eastern Standard, US
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    Thanks @Kraybone99 Interested to see if there are more of us in Eastern having this problem.
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    same here im in northeast def coincidence...still having issues 7 days now unreal
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    I opened a support ticket. They responded and said they are aware of the issue but are still trying to replicate it.
  • PalistesPalistes Posts: 65
    Please open support tickets. We need to get this figured out, and we need everyone having this issue to make it known.
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    edited July 29
    yeah and now war starting back up and I can't even stay connected it already messed up on an aq fight smh come on kabam slow your roll till this issue is fixed
  • Supasneed17Supasneed17 Posts: 7
    This is happening with my android devices. Neither my galaxy s7 or my galaxy tab is able to log in while on wifi, just mobile data, which is way to expensive. If there is no fix then I will be forced to stop playing.
  • GrumpyGrumpy Posts: 185
    The WiFi connection issues have got worse over the past few years the threads will keep getting deleted as kabam doesn’t like to admit it’s their end connections as it’s this game only when trying to connect everything else you I use on my phone pad tab works with no issues just mcoc constantly dropping connectivity
  • BlanusaBlanusa Posts: 2
    still with issues, like always, no Internet, so i asume this post will upload with magic, because apparently i have no internet according to the game, wifi or 4g, my device: Samsung galaxy Note 10+5G EUA.
  • Jeff42000Jeff42000 Posts: 19
    On android I can log in, after 1-2 min the game drops due to connectivity... It has been going on like this for 3-4 days now. Unable to finish a fight before it happens. Reached out to Kabam support. They told me it was a known issue and closed my ticket....
  • Kraybone99Kraybone99 Posts: 18
    Same here, they closed my ticket under 24 hours of opening it. I still haven't been able to do week one of the boss rush and there's so many good rewards I haven't been able to earn from the Sasquatch side quest. It's been over a week. I'm beyond pissed. If I weren't the leader of my alliance, I'd quit
  • princerajbgsprincerajbgs Posts: 2

    Please fix this issue.
    After every fight wifi sign comes
    "connection lost please check your connection"
    I have lost many war due to this
    We are loosing attack bonus
  • princerajbgsprincerajbgs Posts: 2

    Fix this Kabam Or Give us Compensation Again
    We used a lot of potion, revive and units

  • LordTenzenLordTenzen Posts: 83
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    Im using the wifi at my work which is super fast and I'm getting disconnected during war now. (Its 5:30pm I'm off im not slacking lol!) Even my alliance members are saying the same. Basically win the fight, then it gives a little message. I tried waiting but nothing and now I'm 50% health.
    Also I am on a brand new Galaxy s20
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 31
    guys so after the update i have had no connection issue knock on wood lol I think they fixed it so thanks kabam it was 3 weeks of hell and Ill consider all those boost and potions a loss least i can play again : )
  • AmazingJerbearAmazingJerbear Posts: 2
    I've been having connectivity issues still... Frankly, I'm insulted that there message says that there are connection issues and for me to check my connection when we know damn well it's their servers or bugs in the code. At the very least it could say "connection issues experienced. Check your connection, but let's be real, it's probably us. But just in case, check your connection... For us. It'll make us feel better."
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