We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.

Do you want to 'Semi-Retire', play casually yet still be active? Here you can be

Don’t think of this as recruiting; think of it as advertising.
* Have you put in your years of "work" at MCOC building your team and participating in the AQ/AW rewards rat race and are ready for a slower pace?
* Are you tired of doing AQ and AW simultaneously and the obligations/pressure of completing them?
* Are you tired of grinding the arena for chips to get units to purchase alliance heals/revives just to keep up?

RPDOS (Retired Players Doin' Other Stuff ) is a place between ‘normal’, competitive alliances and quitting completely or going it alone.
Everyone is active and we reach nearly all alliance event rewards but don't stress out about AQ or AW.  We are (mainly) mid to high rated players who no longer have that "gotta get those T4cc" obsession that Kabam feeds on.
We offer:
* No mandatory AQ (voluntary Map 3 with occasional Map 4/5)
* No mandatory AW (any AW participation is voluntary & usually 1 BG but run 2 when enough members want to play)
* Keep your Gold--Donations are all voluntary if/when we do a Map 4 or 5. Only those doing the pay maps donate
* Event minimums--Completion (12,500), SA (6,500) & Item Use (2,000). These are easy to reach for long time players.
* LINE app is required for new members

Some conditions (there's always a catch) 
* You must speak English (North America & Europe preferred) and join the Line chat
* Have AQ knowledge about linked nodes and paths
* Although AQs and AWs are voluntary if you join you commit yourself to completing it using appropriate champs.  No "joined but no move" players
Just do an alliance tag or name search in the game. If you want more info, send a message to (IG name & Line ID: Bobtodd9556 or one of the officers
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