Why was the SA Calendar Stealth nerfed ?

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I've noticed slight changes to the SA calendar, compared to its original release, and was wondering if there was a public announcement about it. For example ,im sure one of the larger unit days have been reduced from 300 to 200 ,and I don't always remember the allaince team revive being there. Was there a change? And why so ?


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    Don't get me wrong ,I'm still completely and utterly grateful, just either confused or extremely forgetful.
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    You are correct a couple weeks ago there was 1100 units the last few weeks now its only 900. Hmmmmmm
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    They don't have to make it the same
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    I don't have time to do it now...but I know Seatin put up a youtube video the day we got the calendar and went through it week by week. That would be a good place to check if there were any changes. @Newman0067
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    It's not completely the same as before.
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    Now I am confused....don't know if @Newman0067 is saying the calendar is different from the one we got last year (it is...and is much better)...or if they are saying the current calendar has been changed from it's release a couple weeks ago.
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    You are wrong.

    Took me 2 minutes to find this info.
  • Yeah, nothing's changed. I just double checked and it still totals out to 1,100 Units and that Revive definitely was always there. I only remembered that one because I commented on it with an Alliance mate. Wishing it was AW instead of AQ, lol.
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    Mandela affect. I swear I saw 300 as well but I must of been tired.
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    I believe the title of the thread "WHY WAS THE SA CALENDAR STEALTH NERFED ?" is actually accusing Kabam of nerfing it. If they had left out the "WHY" at the beginning, then it would just have been a question of the SA rewards.

    The actual first post didn't use that language, so maybe the OP didn't mean for it to be that way. Or maybe he was using it as click bait.

    Either way, there was definitely an accusation of a nerf.
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    @Newman0067 plus there is a 4 star class awakening gem crystal instead of a generic one I remember from last year.
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    Juan3s said:

    Whoopsie doopsie ,my mistake and most sincere apologies. Seems like my memory is as weak as a green goblin. Sorry everyone

    This is why do you research first instead of outright accusing them of nerfing something.
    Cmon man, they asked a question. This was them doing their research, part of research is asking questions. If they didn’t know where else to go, I see no problem with this. And the way they phrased the question made it clear they weren’t sure or accusing anyone, they were simply information gathering.
    Did you not read the title?
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    It's not completely the same as before.

    *Just to elaborate, it's not supposed to be completely the same.
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