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Variant 3.1.1 | 4* Warlock VS. Mighty Charge Rogue (ONE-SHOT)

bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
edited July 2020 in Strategy and Tips
Just wanna share this to anyone that might have trouble with that Rogue.

Some tips:
1) Do not rush. It's ok if she regen a little bit. Warlock's techvirus can handle that later.
2) Attack when Rogue is blocking with only 4-hits combo and DO NOT dash back if possible.
3) That way you're close to her face, so she cannot trigger Mighty Charge.
4) When you're close to her, you can parry her and then attack her.
5) Essentially, you wanna put Rogue on her corner. Keep hitting her even through blocking to put on the virus.
6) Make sure to only use SP2 to put rapid virus on Rogue.


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