An unknown error has resulted in Grandmaster Gauntlet progress being reset for a portion of our playerbase. As a result, we will be temporarily removing the Grandmaster Gauntlet as a playable mode. The mode will be reinstated when the team has resolved the issues.
There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.
The team is aware and looking into the cause of the issue.

6.2.6 Champion Boss fight and Act 6 Adjustments - Compensation and the Future


In our first step to review and reshape some of Act 6, we’re focusing on the 6.2.6 Champion Boss fight. This fight has been a wall for many Summoners, and while it is still going to be difficult, we wanted to go back and ease up on that difficulty a little bit.

- Reducing Block Penetration from 25% to 2%
- Reducing Nullify Damage from 10% of Modified Attack to 2% of Modified Attack
- Reduced the total Dexterity Charges from 5 to 3
- Replacing No Retreat Node with Kinetic Transference-1

This update is phase one in our plans to alleviate some pain points in Act 6. The next phase will focus on other notable/boss fights, and another possible phase following that could make some changes to path fights along the way.

Compensation will be coming once we have finished all of our adjustments to Act 6. It will also (likely) be based on which adjustments had already been completed at the time of you attempting Act 6.

This change will go live with our 28.0 Update. Read more about the update here.

We hope that this initial adjustment helps alleviate some of the pain points many of you have raised in relation to Act 6 content.
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