Unable to access my account 'Maximus Auro'

My first account is 'Rishi Sai' and my second account is 'Maximus Auro'.

I am playing with my second account 'Maximus Auro' and my first account' Rishi Sai' is dormant for past two years.

When I tried to log into Google Play from my second account 'Maximus Auro', it suddenly changed my account to my first account 'Rishi Sai' and I am now unable to access my second account 'Maximus Auro'.

I tried deleting the game and reinstall but Google Play is taking me back to my first account 'Rishi Sai' and not letting me choose my second account 'Maximus Auro'.

Should I choose New account option after reinstall and try to log into my second account 'Maximus Auro' using kabam ID instead of choosing the existing account option ?

I have contacted support in game and they replied asking me to log in with kabam ID and password. I tried this while in my first account 'Rishi Sai' but nothing happens. I have sent mail to support to delink my first account 'Rishi Sai' from my kabam ID.

Should I log into kabam ID after choosing New account option after reinstall to access my second account 'Maximus Auro'.

Please help me access my account 'Maximus Auro'


  • Hey Maximus_Auro, we don't have access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to assist with issues like this. I recommend continuing to work with our Support Team so they're able to help you regain access to your account.
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