looking for members at the End of war season

Gold 1 3bg AW
5x5 epic mod x4 master mod x1 AQ
Minimum in 3 day events
Line app for communication
Prestige 9000+

Great team that have a few guys stepping away from the game when the war season ends.
Looking for players that enjoy the game and don't need to be chased for the basics, players that understand there are 29 other guys relying on you doing your fair share.

If your interested or have any questions feel free to message me :)
In game or on lineapp KingofENG


  • KingofENGKingofENG Posts: 24
    Still looking for a couple of team players at the end of the season :)
  • KingofENGKingofENG Posts: 24
    Still have guys waiting to drop out at the end of season. Pm if interested :)
  • KingofENGKingofENG Posts: 24
    Anyone looking for a new home :)
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