invisible woman buff concept

it may sound weird but if the invisible woman had a chance to become invisible as quickly as ghost then she would be a great champion overall.. as the damage output on invisible woman is pretty fantastic if the opponent has more than 20-30 vulnerability debuff as that not only stops their regen but also deliver huge punches together. her damage might not be good in beginning like cull obsidian but after a while if there was no invisibility cooldown timer then she would have rocked the whole game in an another level. long special attacks can not be dodged fully but if her invisibility could stay paused on well timed block that also could have made her one of the finest champs in the game... only problem in her gameplay is that u have to fully rely on dexterity and not blocking and that is problematic sometimes... just that small tweak could have made the champion the best damage champ in the game as she is my personal favourite character from fantastic four comics and movies as well


  • HolyLegoStepHolyLegoStep Posts: 146
    Good concept
  • Rajdeep1997Rajdeep1997 Posts: 54
    currently with mister fantastic synergy it has 15% to unpause her invisibility but if it was like on well time block the invisibility will not unpause then she would dominate the game a lot... she is practically a very good champ in paper but just lacks damage due to that particular part... also that 15% chance is applicable only if all 4 members of fantastic four is present....
  • WedgemonsterWedgemonster Posts: 270 ★★
    Take her max vulnerabilities from 50 to 25, but double their potency. That alone would be a simple change that would make her a lot better and a lot less frustrating to play.

    I would also love to see her Mr. Fantastic synergy be guaranteed to not unpause invisibility on parries. It's just not practical at the moment, I'm not going to risk the parry when there's even a chance of me losing all the vulnerabilities that took forever to build.
  • Rajdeep1997Rajdeep1997 Posts: 54
    exactly... her simple damage style is quite impressive but relying on entirely dexing is quite bad... currently with dragon man there is a synergy that makes her retain 40% of vulnerability stacks which is good but its not practical as to make is good we have to make a whole build with 4 science and 1 mystic.... the whole fantastic four members are individually impressive and can wreck any champ but only sue storm lacks in damage while she has lots of utilty... i dont mind ramping her up unless she has an ability to retain them...
  • ArsozArsoz Posts: 688 ★★★
    She doesnt need a buff shes like quake if you can play her you can do massive damage without even getting hit
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