honest feedback - Please forward to game design

With everything that has happened recently, and the ongoing issues of what so many summoners have pointed out, I wanted to share my own view on the current state of the game, and what I think could potentially help in the long run.
NOTE This is serious feedback for Kabam/Marvel, and my intent in sharing is for the game creation team to be aware of what I believe needs to be done to improve the game.

First I want to say that I appreciate the effort that Kabam, and the marvel game team took in giving all summoners compensation for the recent stability issues. The compensations were appreciated.

Now lets get into the meat of what, in my humble opinion, needs to be changed.
First and foremost, I believe that something needs to be done about the content in the game. When I first started playing MCOC, starting a quest, and clearing all the paths seemed fun, and enjoyable. However, as a lvl 60 player, whom daily is required to participate in this same game play, I have to say that the game is now boring, and uninteresting to me. I fully understand that the game designers want summoners to complete content in order to obtain resources to lvl up, and rank up our champions. But, again in my humble opinion, doing a quest, which involves fighting other champions each day, over, and over, and over, going through the same type of action gets old and boring. Especially so when anyone attempts to go through the arena area to get a new champion. It just seems to me that the every day content in game play could be different somehow. I'm not sure what this would look like, but if the game design team could switch things up, I'm sure all summoners would appreciate it.

T5BC seem so difficult to get via the store, and quests. I have had three 5* champions maxed out now for going on what seems to be a year or more, waiting to obtain enough T5BC to rank them up. I'm not saying that ranking our highest champions needs to be crazy easy, but In my opinion, it could be somewhat easier then it currently is.

Connectivity is always an issue that I seem to run into. I may be in the middle of a war, and all of a sudden, the game freezes, and then looses connection. This issue has been ongoing since I started playing from day one.

I'm sure there are more issues that other summoners would like to see changed, but these are the ones that I believe need attention ASAP.

I also know that MCOC is geared more towards pay to play summoners, however, my hope with sharing this information is to put this information out so that potential positive changes can be made in the near future. I am no Seatin or Lagecy, but as a loyal MCOC player, I hope that Kabam, and ultimatly the game design team find my suggestions worth considering.


P.S. I HOPE that this thread stays up, and is not deleted to allow other summoners to realize they are not alone in how they are feeling about the game right now.
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