Which 5* crystal should I buy?

manan_44manan_44 Posts: 654 ★★★

Which 5* crystal should I buy? 26 votes

Alex13369BonzodavidJragonMaster170laxtheCapsbestfriend 5 votes
Dual Class
AjavedJedi_HawkeBowTieJohnMaxGamingXva23X_Factor_AgentZipioNo_oneukHedronPyrdablack_kill288RenaxqqSwarmOfRavensSuperiorSymbiote_hbtygbty423_Mathgeekmanan_44odishika123MrGreekCrcrcrc 21 votes


  • Thanks_D19Thanks_D19 Posts: 911 ★★
    We gonna need a looooot more info like your roster what content you wanna do next etc
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 16,319 ★★★★★
    the featured
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 16,319 ★★★★★
    when do the duel class crystals even come out
  • manan_44manan_44 Posts: 654 ★★★
    Dual Class
    I'm looking for any mutant and a good skill champ so would go for mutant/skill
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 1,419 ★★★
    Dual Class
    Wait for the classes or class you need to get a champ from then purchase. Have the duel crystals dropped yet?
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