Why doesn't Aegon CRIT more vs Dr. Doom???

This is not a complaint just trying to better understand CRIT RATING vs RESISISTANCE. I've fought Doom in AQ using Aegon w/100+ combo. +30.46 c.rating per hit = 3,046 (about 110%). Most champs 100% c.rating is about 2700 pts (Unsure why differs for champs, having same pts per % in all categories would really simplify things.) Doom c.resist is high @35% (1077) so 110-35 = 75%. Aegon doesn't appear to crit vs Doom even close to that. (not saying would crit 3 out of 4 hits, but average per fight).

1) Why doesn't Aegon crit more often?
2) Why aren't the pts per %s the same for all champs "attributes" to simplify comparisons?
Would appreciate any info that would help clear things up for me. (Even if my calculations are incorrect bc they differ per champ. If so, what are the pts per % in Crit Rating & Resist?) Thanks


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    This is the link: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/176360/frequently-asked-questions-about-combat-and-combat-mechanics/p1
    If you go to the section where he talks about flat stats and diminishing returns, you'll get some info.
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    Thanks for sharing @Kill_Grey4112 @BigPoppaCBONE & @DNA3000. Read the post DNA made & lots of info/equations to figure exact #s, etc. Would be nice to simply compare diff champs "attributes" with similar pt/% system,...but makes more sense why designers need to factor "diminishing returns" or stacking would be too OP. Still not sure how several disagree w/a question. Lol :neutral:
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    Mayis said:

    I can't give u exact math and termins, but the crit rating doesn't get to 100 % bc it's not flat. I think Even 999 combo Aegon has a chance to land non-crit

    I think an aegon at any combo can land a noncrit
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    I believe tbe simple answer is I think Doom has the highest crit resistance in the game.
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    Last week, i used Aegon vs Doom in map5.

    I entered the fight with a combo meter 163. Have a R5 5* Aegon. I recorded the fight and he had a total of 15 critical hit out of 39 hita total which is a good 38% crit %
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