LF2 Active 5x5 players, 8k prest if poss. Line for Comms, AQ focused Ally


We are looking for 2 active, chilled players for our 5x5 alliance. We cleared 220mill in AQ this week so good rewards to be had. Must be able to clear your paths and mini killers are a bonus. (ESP HT week 😉)

We use Line for Comms and are a good bunch of people who like to play the game with as little stress as possible. Most are US players but all are welcome (I’m UK)

We currently run 1 BG for wars so you can dip in and out as you wish. We are sitting at Silver 2 but might just steal Silver 1 as we are on the edge of both.

Your more than welcome to stay for your war rewards and jump after but need you in before AQ restarts.

In game and Line: twistedcowgirl

Pop me a message if you fancy a space!


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