Iron Fist Rework

Welcome to my rework of Iron Fist! Maybe you've already seen my Daredevil rework, maybe not. Just wanted to let you know this is the same guy. Let's get to it!

Awakened Ability
With the mechanics I'm adding below, I wouldn't change his Awakened Ability.

When Iron Fist unleashes his chi through a heavy attack, he rids his opponent of all of 1 unique buff (ex. If the opponent has 3 Furies and 5 Armor Ups, Iron Fist would remove either the 3 Furies or 5 Armor ups, whichever came first). If the opponent has no buffs, then Iron Fist removes all of 1 unique debuff on him. If the opponent has no buffs and Iron Fist has no debuffs, then Danny Rand uses his chi to heal himself for X% of the damage dealt (probably 100).
I'd increase the timer on the Armor Breaks for reasons you will find out if you keep reading.
Iron Fist gains X attack per Armor Break debuff on the opponent.
When Iron Fist's opponent has 3 Armor Breaks, Danny Rand focuses on their weak spots, gaining a Precision buff as long as his opponent remains above 3 Armor Breaks.
When Iron Fist's opponent has 5 Armor Breaks, Danny Rand concentrates further, gaining a Cruelty buff as long as his opponent remains above 5 Armor Breaks.
When Iron Fist's opponent has 7 Armor Breaks, Danny Rand's chi builds higher, gaining a Fury buff as long as his opponent remains above 7 Armor Breaks. Danny's fist begins to glow.
When Iron Fist's opponent has 9 Armor Breaks, Danny Rand unleashes the Iron Fist for X seconds, gaining a Chi buff increasing attack by X and allowing every hit to inflict an Armor Break. Danny's fist glows bright.
When the Iron Fist unleashes a heavy attack when he has a chi buff, he converts all armor breaks into an Armor Shattered debuff, decreasing the opponent's armor by X. Its length increases by X for every Armor Break consumed.

I have no problems with Iron Fist's animations, except that most of his Specials are recycled. I'll go over their animations in each Special's section.

Note: Keep in mind all specials still have a chance to Armor Break on Crit just like all other attacks.

Special 1
Iron Fist heals X health for every Armor Break on his opponent.
Animation: Similar to Karnak's Special 1, except Iron Fist strikes a Kung-Fu pose after the initial hit (look up "kung-fu crane stance" on Google if you want to visualize what I'm talking about)

Special 2
Iron Fist deals X% more damage for every Armor Break on the opponent.
Animation: A multiple hit combo just as satisfying to pull off as his Special 2 was pre-12.0. Could be the same animation, just add more hits to it.

Special 3
Iron Fist clears 1 unique stack of buffs off his opponent per Armor Break debuff. If there are more Armor Breaks than there are buffs to clear, he cleanses himself of a stack of unique debuffs for every remainig Armor Break. If there are still Armor Breaks left, Iron Fist heals himself for X health for each Armor Beak debuff still remaining.
Iron Fist deals X% more damage per Armor Shattered debuff (huge percentage).
Makes all current Armor Shattered debuffs on the opponent permanent.
Animation: One punch is all it takes. [insert One Punch Man reference here]

I added a mechanic that allows Iron Fist to gain buffs depending on the number of Armor Breaks on the opponent. I gave him a stacking Armor Shattered (like Thor's Armor Break, but harder to pull off, since IF has better attack), a better Nullify, and a small heal as well.

All in all, Iron Fist is pretty cool. You can expect more of these from me from time to time. Tell me what Champion I should rework next, because I'm runninng out of middle-of-the-road Champs to rework (maybe Symbiote Spidey). Thanks for reading!
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