We are currently working to fix a known issue regarding Alliance Prestige. With the introduction of Relics, Summoner Prestige is now the average PI of your Top 5 Champions and the average PI of your Top 5 Relics (regardless of which Champion they are attached to) combined.

Today we pushed a fix that will allow for proper reward calculations in Alliance Quests. However, the display for Alliance Prestige will not be accurate and does not include Relic Prestige. This is a display issue only.

I'm looking for a new alliance. Read description.

Hi everyone. I'm 8406GT (IGN) a mcoc addict looking for a new alliance. I'm always playing and I find it hard to have people online more than me. I want an alliance that's able to devote more time than not to the game. I've been a leader and an officer. I know how to run an ally and I know how to be a regular team player. I'm not wasting my time and I'm here for the rewards of heavy grinding and hard work. If you want me in your ally I suggest telling me what I want to hear. You won't regret my skill, knowledge or dedication.

My experience:
- uncollected Kuz I'm a beast!
- 11 months here, played every day
- 53 4*'s
- 16 4/40's
- 1 5/50 with 3 t4cc just around the corner to R5 more champs.
- 4 5*'s and 1 duped
- 190k PI
- 300 3v3 streak
- Map 5&6 AQ exp
- up to tier 5aw exp
- Expert tier AQ

What I'm looking for:
-6.5-9mil range ally+
- mostly US players, I'm PST
- 5x5 AQ or more. I'm not a map6 beast but I do know what I'm doing.
- All 3 BG's consistent with 100% AQ completion and rewards (I know it's impossible to always do this) CONSISTANT.
- 4&5* shards min. In AW rewards.
- Weekly SA/item use/ and the usual
- If I'm waiting on players to move I'm not happy.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forwards to considerations.

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