Skill Inventory is so high

Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 523 ★★★
This is not a complaint, just an observation and wondering if everyone else has the same "issue"?

Not only am I overloaded with skill champs, I also am overloaded with skill inventory items.

Catalysts - 19 total skill catalysts, 24 others combined (not counting basic or alpha) - Every other catalyst gem I open is Skill it seems
Arena Boosts - 8 Skill, 18 others combined
Various levels of awakening gems - 4 skill, 7 other classes
Various level sig stones - 34 skill, 57 others combined (not counting generic)
Rank up gems - 3 skill, 1 mystic

5* champs - 7 skill, 15 others or 32%
Total champs - 91 skill , 259 total or 35%

I have some good Skill champs, and usually rank up good ones as soon as I get them, but this seems a little excessive right?
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