Welp, good job, me

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So I had two skill t4ccs and two mystic t4ccs in overflow and no champ to use em on, and I needed a mutant t4cc so I decided to try out the trade system for the first time today. My pulls:
1. 3 skill t4ccs - 1 mystic t4cc
2. 3 mystic t4ccs - 1 skill t4cc
3. 3 skill (again) t4cc - 1 mystic t4cc

Basically I just exchanged more of my t4ccs for for a lesser amount without getting anything useful.

What was I thinking when I went for those crystals knowing the rng system. Sometimes I wish I had a functioning brain, honestly...


  • Aziz5253Aziz5253 Posts: 494 ★★★

    it’s like one of those sitcom jokes that goes on for too long and is hilarious.

    that system is stupid anyway.

    Even though you know what's gonna happen you go for it anyway
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    I suggest they bring in triple or quadruple class crystals for these.
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    I once accidentally got one of those after becoming uncollected because I was so happy. I pulled cosmic, and was so sad because I did not mean to and I got the only unusable class. And I traded three tech ones which were meant for sentinel 4*. Next thing you know, we get a 5 star nexus and I pulled Captain Marvel Movie. She's rank 3 now. XD.
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