Looking for new Alliance

Hey Summoners,

I am looking for a new alliance. I am Level 53 with a 303,516 hero rating and 4829 prestige. I am a daily player and active in wars and quests. I am not strong enough for map 4 yet, but will be soon. I don't and will not use line app however. Please post your alliance name and I will scope it out.

Thank You


  • SplamBorginSplamBorgin Posts: 211
    If you ever change your mind about LINE then consider my alliance.

    [drwrz] Dragon Warriors

    Rating: 3,002,120

    AQ/AW participation is a must (NOTE: AW not being hosted currently due to low reward high risk factors)

    LINE REQUIRED! LINE ID of leader: ani7drwrz

    Looking for summoners who can solo paths and boss killers but even if you can't you're welcome!
  • ABOMBABOMB Posts: 246
    Yodabolt21..we would be glad to have you on our team! We're very active and our AQ battlegroup 1 always play map 3. Our other battlegroups play maps 4 and 5 sometimes so if you wanted you could join those as well. We keep AQ Bgroups open.
    Let me know if interested..

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