Please change Dual crystals

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Please kabam, can we get more access on Dual crystals? Like I want a mystic champ but science is the most least needed class by me, what if you could set any two classes on Dual crystals you want and after that you have a one day timer on it to change it again? Like any two classes for example: Mystic/Cosmic etc?


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    Actually they don't have the tech to allow players build their own crystals. It was mentioned in the roadmap.
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    French2 said:

    I also need mystic champ and used my shards to open 3 mystic/science champs and got all science champs and junk at that. Then opened a 6* thinking this was finally my time and yep, you guessed it… junk! Takes too long to save shards and repeatedly get trash that will get no resources thrown at them. Every 10th 5* and every 10th 6* a player opens should be a nexus to prevent players like myself from always getting trash. It’s disheartening and has made me not spend on the game in a very long time as well as makes me want to play less every time I open these crystals to be disappointed again. How bad would it be to allow us to select 1 of 10x to atleast keep some want to play within us that have the worst luck.

    Good luck for your next pull
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    Opened around 15 and got 1 mystic mordo dupe smh lol
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