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Crossbones buff

As buffs and reworks are gonna be rolling out more often now Crossbones is one champ I’d like a bit of a buff on. He was my favorite champ back when all I had were 4* champs and his big downside was sometimes struggling to keep up your fury buffs. So a buff along the lines of “banking” furies into permanent passives similar to ST imo would be pretty cool or something along those lines where you’re not constantly worrying about fury falling off. If he could carry them from fight to fight that would be sick too(probably too much I know lol) but just having something so that his fury isn’t always falling off would be amazing.


  • quy_beuquy_beu Posts: 47

    In ability description, i dont clearly understand about the potency of his furies go up with his crit dmg. Does it mean the only way to increase his fury potency is add crit dmg synergy champs to ur team? Then max 20% potency = 4*115 crit dmg (from 4 synergy spots)?
  • quy_beuquy_beu Posts: 47
    Beside keeping up xbones furies problem, i also have 2 little suggestions:
    - Time to active overrun mode should decrease, 2 secs is quite longer than cull obsidan (1.2 sec) & sabretooth (1 sec)
    - Sp3: + if overrun mode is on cooldown => refresh cooldown
    + if overrun mode is not on cooldown => enter/re-enter overrun mode before activate sp3
  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 5,869 ★★★★★
    He doesn’t really need a buff, he’s a perfectly balanced champion
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