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Top 150 pushing into top 90 looking for one

What’s up all! You read that right we are pushing into the top 90 easier than your mom on Christmas night! You need to be unfiltered, fun, and not afraid to swear!
Us we are currently top 120. But changing a little in our configuration to hit top 90. Not giving out details but can show you aq placement when you hit me up!
We are G1 for war and plan on staying there. Not looking to waste items in wars with global nodes!
Really looking for someone with 11k prestige. If your not at least 10.6 keep on truckin’ pal. This is not your place. Also not for the thin skinned. We are all men here and act like it. So if you like beers and can take a joke as well as dish on out, hit me up one line. kaycg1

I promise that is not me with my step sister in the video you saw.
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