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Mastery build for mystic champs

Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
Thinking of switching up my current build and I have everything unlocked already in the suicide trees.

Just wanting some input from some users who use high tier mystics in their build - I have a maxed out rank 5 Doom, maxed out symbiote supreme, and a six star rank 2 Claire Voyant that are my staples (and currently helping with Variant 5) but I want to see if others are getting more power out of them. I have my mystic dispersion currently at 3/5 and I've unlocked it all the way up.

Do others have theirs higher and do you see a difference in those champs? And are there others who have their suicides on while using these? I know some people only do glass cannon but I feel like I'm not getting the full effect or attack that i want. Any help is appreciated here :)


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    ChriissRChriissR Posts: 652 ★★★★
    edited August 2020
    I run 4/5 Mystic Dispersion and personally that's when I feel it the most. 3/5 is great as well. Just feel more power gain at 4/5
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