1* "Bundles"?

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,175 ★★★
What about offering a bundle of 1*'s ...

So for .. $10 .. or 1000 units ... or 10000 loyalty .. or .. "something" ..

you get a "bundle" of 1* champs .. themed:

so (as possible examples) ...:
1* Avengers:
Black Widow
Cpt. America (classic)
Hulk (classic)
Iron Man (classic)
Thor (classic)

1* X-men:
Cyclops (blue team)

1* Fantastic Four

etc .. some kind of theme ... package them ... put an appropriate price tag on them.

Remove the RNG ... give some options ..

1*'s aren't going to break the game ... but will add something interesting for collectors, or anyone having trouble getting through something like the variant ..

And before people start jumping to conclusions:
- I have not completed any variants and so don't need any 1*'s for anything.
- I do not have a shortage of 1*'s (for any reason)

:) so yeah . just a random idea ... CHeers!

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