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War Rating +/- in Offseason (lower Tiers last war applied full WR change, not Half)

In the Tier 9-11 range, OFFSEASON.
Should only be applying 1/2 of the in-war listed potential change to WR down in those Tiers.

Wars #1 and #2 were correctly half as much (-20 both losses, with opponent getting wins of +24 and +30). Didn’t screencap in-war “potential” change screens but pretty sure they were showing 40 for us, and so actually adjusting 20 was correct.

War #3 I did screencap in-war potential, said 40/40, and post-war results correctly only adjusted WR by 20.

** BUG #1 ** But War #4 (ended earlier today) was showing in-war potential at 40/39, and afterward AWARDED THE FULL CHANGE (40 as Win for us, 39 as Loss for opponent).

** BUG #2 ** And now current Matchmaking War #5 is only showing a potential of 20/20 this time (as in maybe they saw previous result bug and so decided to show in-progress potential this time as only half the amount right away ?)

Has Kabam had issues changing back-n-forth between properly adjusting by HALF in other Offseasons before ?
Anyone else outside of top 5 tiers seeing same problem with last War (and current Matched war) ?
Am I correct in assuming the offseason “Half Amount Change” should be applied no matter whether you Win or Lose ?


  • TLTR..
    There's something inconsistent going on with WR +/- in these Offseason Wars (for those not in the top tiers).
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