Android Delay

I use android. I cannot play labyrinth of legends it takes two minutes to enter the fight and I die in thirty seconds. This also happens in allience quest and making me crazy. Any other content other than these are just normal. I click fight and I normally start playing in seconds. Please let me know when are you going to fix this?


  • salisali Posts: 23
    Where is kabam miike. Please see this problem.
  • DianeNelsonDianeNelson Posts: 29
    edited August 2020
    2 minutes? Well that's crazy. I haven't got that.
    What I noticed, and experience, since this last update is when I enter a fight in the monthly quest and hit fight it takes 4 seconds after I click to appear in the game as a click, weird thing is that in ROL when farming potions when I click fight it clicks in the game immediately with no delay. So it's not about the phone, it's something about the new update because it didn't happen in the previous version.
    I play on Android, if that helps Kabam guys.
  • I use android too and this issue is really very annoying. It took too long to begin the fight once I press the button to start fighting. Please Kabam fix this! This wasn't happening before in last update. Hopefully this new update fix this problem. To load fight in labyrinth is 2 minutes and that's a time I won't tolerate when before it took only 1 or 2 seconds.
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