6* sig stone bundle

NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
I was just looking at today's offers for sig stones. I find it cheap of Kabam to have the majority of 6* stones class-based. In both of the other bundles, the majority of stones are generic. The 6* deal, which is the most expensive, is the exact opposite. I need sigs and would have purchased this if the 6* stones were mostly generic like the other classes, but I won't spend that much cash just for 5 stones that are guaranteed to be able to use on the champ I want. I hope they keep this in mind for future deals.


  • LormifLormif Posts: 7,365 ★★★★★
    the other levels are not where the meta is, they always do this. They want to keep how fast people can progress 6*s to a set pace, which they can do with class based as opposed to generic.
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