MODOK's Ability to crit

Hi all
Looking at MODOKs description it states that he has a 0% crit chance and instead critically hits on every 7th hit dealt to the opponent. This however is not the case as you may be aware. Before straight out saying it's a bug ,and not a big one at that, I'm just wondering if I'm missing any other interactions which could interfere with this ability on a day to day basis.
Like I said ,its not huge ,but kind of disheartening when I mess up and take a combo in war from him ,and 4 out of the 5 hits end up criting. Just want to know if anyone can tell me an interaction that I'm missing.
(Also works when using MODOK offensively, check it out for yourself)


  • Notsavage19Notsavage19 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★
    Nope, it only says that the 7th his is guaranteed critical, but it doesn't say that he has 0% crit chance. He can crit normally, but that 7th his is always going to be critical (unless affected by something else).
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