Gold 1. Map 5x5. 32mil rated alliance looking for new members

We are a relatively casual alliance with a mix of players, some still working through content, some taking breaks from the map 7 grind.
We are looking for some new members to replace a couple guys looking to take a step back.

What we are looking for:

- strong enough roster that can place a minimum 4/55 or 6star r1 defence as well as having multiple 5/65s or rank 2 6stars.

- experience in AW at tier 5 and 6 as well as map 5x5.

- the skills to handle your path with little to no deaths in AW.

- Team players that will help with the minibosses in AW and clear their paths in reasonable time without having to be tagged countless times, same applies for AQ.

- LINE required.

- US/EU preferred.

Message Haze-13 on LINE if interested.


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