Changes to Show Up Difficulty


Later today, we will be making the following changes to the Summoner Showdown: Show Up Difficulty. As a reminder, this is the difficulty that is available to all Summoners, regardless of their eligibility for the Summoner Showdown.

- Replacing the 4000% Health Increase with 1000% Health Increase
- Removing the 4-Star Restriction

This is ONLY for the Show Up Difficulty, and will be carried forward to the next fights as well. Keep in mind, any nodes/buffs and other restrictions will still mirror the Showdown difficulty.

This will still be a challenge, but not as much as the Summoner Showdown qualifier itself, and is more in line with celebrating the Summoner Showdown for all Summoners. We don't currently have an exact timelines, but hope to make these changes soon.
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