160k Player looking for a place to relax

Hi all,

I recently had to leave my great alliance because I could not keep up with the requirements. I have a busy work and family life and can only devote a little bit of my time to this game.
Looking for alliance that requires no donations, no stress and understands that real life comes first.


I can hold my own in both AQ and AW, but don't think I will be able to participate more than 1-2 times per week in each. I will not be super active and there may be days where I will be missing. However, all absences will be communicated in advance.

My IGN and Line ID are the same - Sakkban.


  • Guys just to confirm cause I got some invites for Active alliances, I am looking for a chill/relaxed team. Where AQ will be only map 3 and below so no donations would be required.
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